OLD CAZ BEER | Pairing Menu

Enjoy this guide to pair our St. Jorge Cheese with your favorite OLD CAZ brews. 
Or go rogue and tell Tiffany at the Joe Matos Cheese Company booth how to do her job. 
Your choice 😉.

Original St. Jorge | Bukovany Pivo

Aged three months, our Original recipe of St. Jorge with textures and flavor profile reminiscent of silk and sweet creamed butter with a contagiously friendly tang meets the crisp, clean, smooth-talking pilsner, Bukovany. My favorite St. Jorge and Rob's favorite OLD CAZ BEER meet on your palette for what feels like my wedding day. Go ahead and close your eyes, you'll want to savor this.

Picante St. Jorge | Cazzers Passion Fruit Guava Kettle Sour

 The intensified sharpness and sweet, nutty bite of our nine month aged Picante is perfectly matched with the playful guava in Cazzers and becomes absolutely alive with layered flavor explosions as they mingle on your palette. It must be the fruit our cows eat, because this cheese loves this sour.

Patráo St. Jorge | Skaggs Oat Stout

If salted carmel chocolate mousse pie sounds up your alley then so is this pairing. Like a smooth, creamy dessert that leaves a mouthfeel of umami comfort and serenity on your tongue. 


Pairing Plate $15

Includes a flight of all three ages of St. Jorge cheese, raw almonds from Heron Fox Farm and Red Bird Bakery Sourdough Baguette 

Single Slice $5

By the Wedge $10