Farmer's Market | Pairing Menu

Enjoy the music, beer + wine with our handmade artisan farmstead cheese, St. Jorge. Featured at three ages, we brought three distinct flavor profiles for you to fully experience, along with other incredible, local farmstead products here at the farmer's market. 
Below the following descriptions and beer + wine pairings you will find a selection of seasonal farmers market finds that are exquisite additions to your pairing plate, slice or wedge of our St. Jorge cheese. 
Original St. Jorge | Pairs with Pilsner, Witbier, Cider, Rose, Chardonnay | 
Aged three months, our original Portuguese farmstead cheese recipe. Textures and flavor profile reminiscent of silk and sweet creamed butter, mostly mild and semi-hard, with a grassfed tang, elevating any grilled cheese or burger but most likely a hastily torn chunk o’ sourdough. 
Picante St. Jorge | Pairs with IPA, Gose, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon |
Aged nine months, intensifying in nuttyiness and gaining tyrosine crystals, sharpening the salted carmel flavor profile and lingering long enough to thoroughly enjoy every layer of flavor.
Patráo St. Jorge | Pairs with Stout, Red Ale, Merlot, Syrah |
Aged a minimum of 16 months, incredibly indulgent, dry and sharp with a butterscotch undertone and sea salt bite to grate over *any* dish or break off a piece with a cup of coffee and see how your life changes. 
Pairing Plate | serves 1-4 | Includes a flight of all three ages of St. Jorge cheese and local almonds from Heron Fox Farm 
By the slice | serves 1-2 | Includes one age St. Jorge cheese and local almonds from Heron Fox Farm
By the Wedge | vacuum sealed or paper wrapped | plate + knife available upon request 
Seasonal Farmer's Market Finds
The farmer's market is the perfect place for the season's best earthly delights! Visit the local farmer's booths today and discover the incredible flavor of locally grown products.
Red Bird Bakery | Revolution Bread | grab a baguette, you'll never regret it.
Peaches | Cherries | stone fruit is in season right now. Don't miss out on these juicy gems of sunshine.
Hector's Honey | Honey Sticks in various flavors. My favorite jar of Hector's Honey is the Star Thistle. Drizzled over Patrão St. Jorge... you can thank me here.