Picante St. Jorge [Two Wheel Minimum for R & M Delivery]

Picante St. Jorge [Two Wheel Minimum for R & M Delivery]

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Our Original St. Jorge aged to 9 months, intensifying our cheese's sharp, nutty notes and gaining tyrosine crystals, letting the savory umami feel linger after each bite enjoyed. 

Texture and tasting quality is a creamy silk mouthfeel with an extra sharp sea salt and warm caramel flavor. 

Delivery Schedule:

Tuesday- Sonoma, Marin and Napa [place orders by noon, Monday]

Wednesday- San Francisco, San Jose, Hayward and Tracy [place orders by noon, Tuesday]

Retail Pack Wheels are 12 pound wheels hand cut and vacuum sealed into 16 individually packaged and labeled pieces (approximately 0.7 pounds each) or 18 pound wheels individually packaged into 32 pieces (approximately 0.5 pounds each). Retail pack wheels are available for each age of St. Jorge and are priced at $8 to $10/ pound. Retail Pack Wheels are limited to two per order.

A minimum order for Restaurant & Market Delivery includes at least two wheels of any age St. Jorge cheese priced at a reduced wholesale rate of $7 per pound.

Select Delivery [if available to the address entered] at the check out page, or contact Tiffany to place your order by text (707)591-3325 or email joematoscheese@gmail.com.